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08 September 2009 @ 11:16 pm
[MUST READ] community rules  
Rules are important to keep a community run smoothly. So please read these rules before posting anything to the community and hold yourself onto them when posting, commenting etc.

001 First and for most we are here to spread and share the love. Hate is not welcome here or tolerated. If you hate him go somewhere else.

002 Respect the members. Not everyone will agree with you, that's life. Don't judge anyone for their opinion. Don't cause trouble, start wank or insult the members or moderator. You will be warned and eventually banned if you don't hold yourself to this rule.

003 What are you allowed to post here? Well here is a list of what is allowed:

- News
- Info (like his schedule etc)
- Pictures
- Videos
- Downloads
- Graphics
- Gifs
- Questions/requests
- Selling your merchandise (though I recommend you go to kpop_merch first)
- Fanreports
- Lyrics
- Translations

If what you want to post is not in this list than you are not allowed to post it.

004 Please keep your font in default size and color. Coloring your credits red how ever is allowed and of course so is making your font bold etc.

005 'I am not sure if this is allowed please mods delete if it isn't' If this is at the bottom of your post it will be deleted.

006 When posting give your entry a proper subject line and tag your posts go for a list of tags HERE if you are not sure how to tag say so in your post and it will be edited.

007 Do not promote before asking for permission. PM bulgocrazyi or jinjja. Keep in mind that whatever you want to promote has to be Bi(rain) related.

008 Do not disable your comments.


If there are any questions/problems regarding the community and it's members please contact me through PM.

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