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08 September 2009 @ 10:57 pm
Rain has been popular for his singing and dancing talents since he was a teenager. As a young teen, Rain fell in love with dancing. In order to make his dream of becoming a singer come true, Rain joined a dance music group named "Fan Club". The dance group was made up of 6 male members . After releasing its 2nd album in 1999, Fan Club decided to disband.
After the band broke up, Rain was scouted by noted producer and entertainer Park Jin-young and had another chance to make it in the local entertainment industry. Park Jin-young believed that Rain's vocal ability and dance moves were sophisticated and strong and decided to train him to become a top star in the local pop music world.

Three years of hellish training behind closed doors , devoting more than 20 hours each day. He tore his life into two parts: One half dedicated to singing, the other half to dancing.
This was the life Rain went through before he became a pop sensation, and it is still ongoing even now.


Name: Birth name Hangul: 정지훈 Hanja: 鄭智薰 Revised Romanization : Jung Ji-hoon
Also known as Bi (비) / Pi (ピ) / Yu (雨) / Vu
Nick name : Woody (Toystory's)
Date of birth: June 25. 1982
Weight: 74kg
Height: 185 cm
blood type:O
Family: Oldest with a younger sister
Hobbies: Watching movies,listening to music,collecting shoes/clothes
Education: Kyung-hee univ.post modern music dept.
First album: April 28, 2002
Specialities: Music,Dance & Peformance
Favorite Genre: R&B / Hip hop / Funky
Favorite maxim: Endless Efforts, Endless endurance, Endless modesty
Favorite color: White & Black
Favorite sport: Swimming & Basketball
Favorite singers/musician:Park jin-young/Michael Jackson,Janet Jackson,Usher
Favorite Actor:Al Pacino,Han suk kyoo
Dream Lady: Who has a good first impression & Who is charming and stylish
Date of Debut/first appearance: April 24,2002 @Km Show music tank


2002 April 28 1st album ' Bad Guy'
2003 Oct 16 2nd album 'How To Avoid The Sun'
2004 Oct.8 3rd album 'It's RAINing'
2006 Jan 25 'Sad Tango' 1st Japanese single
2006 Jun 07 'Free Way' 2nd Japanese single
2006 Sep.6 'Move on' 3rd Japanese single
2006 Sep.13 'Eternal Rain' 1st Japanese Album
2006 Oct 14 4th album 'Rain's World'
2008 Oct 15 5th Album ' Rainism' (first album under JTune)
2008 Dec 16 5th Album ' Rainism Asian Special'
2009 Mar 05 Rainism Recollection


2002 SBS [Sitcom] Orange
2003 KBS SangDoo! Let's go to school
2004 KBS Full House
2004 SBS [Banjun Drama] For Her / Wanted to Say / Romance Solver
2005 KBS_A Love To Kill
2006 I'm a Cyborg, But That's Ok
2008 Speed Racer
2009 Ninja Assassin [upcoming]


[2002]SBS Music Award for new artist of the year
[2002] Golden Disc Award for new artist of the year
[2002] MBC Best Top 10 Artists for new artist of the year
[2002] KMTV Music Award for new artist of the year
[2002] M.Net Music Award for new artist of the year

[2003.09.06] 10th Korean Entertainment and Arts Awards - New Artist Award
[2003.11.27] M.net Music Video Festival - Mobile Popular Award
[2003.12.10] KMTV Korean Music Awards - Artist of The Year Award
[2003.12.17] Broadcasting and Video Awards - Best Star Award in Singer Section
[2003.12.29] SBS Gayo Daejun - Bonsang & Netizen's Best Popularity Award
[2003.12.30] KBS Music Awards - Artist of The Year Award
[2003.12.31] MBC Top10 Artist Awards - Bonsang
[2003.12.31] KBS Drama Awards - Rookie Award

[2004.03.26] 40th Baeksang Arts Awards - Popularity Award of TV part
[2004.11.15] Andre Kim Awards - Star Section
[2004.11.29] 5th Korean Video Awards - Photogenic Award in Singer Section
[2004.12.02] Golden Disc Awards - Bonsang
[2004.12.04] 2004 M.NET Music Video Festival - Artist of The Year Award
[2004.12.10] 2004 Korean Awards - Pop Music Award
[2004.12.10] SBS Seoul Gayo Awards - Bonsang
[2004.12.29] SBS Music Awards - Bonsang & Netizen 's Best Popularity Award
[2004.12.30] The Korean Music Awards 2004 - The Best Artist of The Year Award
[2004.12.31] MBC Top 10 Artist Awards - Bonsang
[2004.12.31] KBS Drama Awards - Best Actor, Popularity , Best Couple Award

[2005.02.03] MTV ASIA Awards - Favorite Artist of Korea
[2005.05.20] LA City Hall - Cultural Exchange between Korea and USA Award
[2005.05.28] Channel(V) Music Video Awards - Popular Asain Artist
[2005.05.29] 2005 MTV Video Music Awards Japan - Best Buzz from Asia Award
[2005.07.04] HongKong Universal Records - Golden Record Award
[2005.07.24] MTV China CCTV Mandarin Music Honors Awards - Favorite Artist of Korea
[2005.09.17] Vergin Radio Hitz 40 Awards - Best Asian Artist Award
[2005.12.14] Korea Cultural Content Grand Prize : Music Section
[2005.12.29] 100 World - Lighting People
[2005.12.31] KBS Drama Awards - Netizen Award

[2006.01.21] Taiwan "2006 HITO Pop Music Awards" - HITO Asian Music Award ( I Do )
[2006.03.24] 2005 IFPI HongKong Music Sale Awards - Korea and Japan Music Award
[2006.03.26] RTHK International Pop Pull Awards - Silver Prize at Top New Act & Most Sold Korean Album
[2006.05.08] Time Magazine - 100 Most Influential People Who Shape The World Award
[2006.11.26] MKMF M.NET - Best Solo Male Artist Award
[2006.12.23] World Tour Las Vegas Concert -Appriciation Plaque from California State
[2006.12.29] SBS Gayo Daejun 2006- Bonsang

[2007.04.25] 43rd Baeksang Arts Awards- Best New Actor for "I'm a Cyborg, But That's OK"
[2007.04.26 ] Listed in People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People [May 2007 Issue]
[2007.05.18] Korean Entertainment Business Assosiation " 1st Korean Wave Awards" - Star ( Music ) Award
[2007.06.08] 44th DaeJong Film Awards: Overseas Popularity Award
[2007.10.19 ] 1st Korean Film Awards - Best New Actor Award]
[2007.12.07] Asian Male Star of The year CineAsia International Film Festival [Macau]
[2007.12.31] 4th Netizen Entertainment Awards - Best Male Singer Award

[2008] 2008 Korea Image Stepping Stone Award [by Corea Image Communication Institute- CICI]
[2008.10.28]'President Prize' on The National Day for Saving
[2008.12.10] 23th Golden Disk Awards - Disk Bonsang

source: rain-jihoon.com + soompi


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