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08 September 2009 @ 11:37 pm
To make sure everyone understands how to tag I made a list of the community's tags and what to use them for.

*news - I think this speaks for itself. All news articles go under here.
*information - Articles that aren't news but just chunks of information go under here. Like schedules, award polls etc.
*translations - Anything that is translated like interviews should have this tag.
*pictures - Speaks for itself.
*gifs - Speaks for itself
*streaming - Anything that is streaming should have this tag.
*downloads - Speaks for itself.
*fanreport - All fan reports need this tag.
*question - Have any questions related to Bi(Rain)? Use this tag.
*request - Request albums, videos etc by using this tag
*selling - Want to sell your Bi merchandise? Use this tag.
*graphics - Use this tag when posting icons, wallpapers, banners, layouts. Do not use this tag for gifs.
*advertising - Only use this tag when you are allowed to promote
*lyrics - When posting lyrics use this tag

There are more tags but those are only important for mods so please do not use the tags that aren't in this list!

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